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The attention to detail, quality, and design that JB3D is proud to deliver for every client traces back to its president’s early childhood. As the second-youngest of thirteen children and the recipient of many hand-me-downs, John Bishop took pride in the possessions he had. When he received a second hand tricycle as a young child, he looked past the old, rusty frame and saw its potential. He grabbed a bucket of red paint and gave the tricycle a fresh coat of bright red enamel. Despite a scolding from his mother, John snuck the paint bucket again the next day, perfecting his good-as-new trike with a final, shiny coat. As he grew older, John spent much of his time working on increasingly complex renovation projects. He cut, assembled, sanded, and finished wood cabinets and furniture, and he often disassembled and rebuilt engines to understand how the components worked together and which tools were best for each job. These principles of curiosity, creativity, and determination that guided John throughout his childhood later shaped JB3D into the exceptional design firm it is today.

John Bishop - President of JB3D
John Bishop - President of JB3D


John Bishop is the President of JB3D. From an early age, John was fascinated by the construction and design of the objects around him. Inspired by his uncle, a prominent architect in Orange County and lead architect of the futurist Pacific Life building in Newport Beach, John quickly developed a strong interest in engineering, drafting, and architecture. Through a high school architecture class, he found a job at a local sign company drafting neon sign drawings. Soon, John became the company’s lead installer and sole draftsman. At the age of 19, John was hired as a designer for a prominent architectural signage design firm. He quickly excelled within the company, moonlighting as a draftsman and designer for a small residential and commercial landscape architecture firm.

John met Lisa while taking classes at Orange Coast College to strengthen his design skills, and they co-founded JB3D in 1988. With John at the helm, JB3D has since completed nearly $100,000,000 in architectural graphics and signage projects. Driven by John’s unwavering dedication to quality, JB3D has established itself as a firm proud to offer superior design, fabrication, and installation services.



Lisa Bishop is the Vice President and head of human resources and accounting at JB3D. After meeting John Bishop while taking courses at Orange Coast College, they co-founded the company together in 1988. In JB3D’s early years, Lisa served as human resources manager, installer, scheduler, bookkeeper, and designer, among other things. While supporting the growth of the business, Lisa attended California State University of Fullerton and earned a BFA with an emphasis in Graphic Design. She also worked as a professional floral designer for eight years. She is proud of JB3D’s tight-knit, supportive community of smart and passionate people that she and John have cultivated over the years.

In Lisa’s spare time, she practices yoga and enjoys camping, hiking, paddle boarding, and working in her pottery studio.  She and John love to spend time with their two daughters, Kaitlyn and Maegan, and their loving golden retriever, Penny.



Alongside John and Lisa, Kelly Butler is the third wheel on the tricycle that keeps JB3D rolling. Kelly Butler joined JB3D in 2002 as an installation manager with over 25 years of experience in the sign industry. He has served as JB3D’s Director of Construction since 2005, managing the fabrication, estimation, and installation of all projects and overseeing subcontractors and vendors. A C-45 licensed contractor and certified AWS welder, Kelly estimates jobs from conception to installation, schedules all work throughout a project’s lifetime, and continually works with employees and vendors to improve fabrication and installation processes. He has since estimated and overseen nearly $75,000,000 in completed work.

Kelly loves spending time in the great outdoors of Southern California’s beaches, deserts, and lakes, and he is inspired by his exceptional coworkers, friends, and family every day.